Helen Dissell & Gill Pope ~ from Australia to South Africa

Cake Decoration Sugar Art Chef Helen Dissell
Helen Dissell
Twice Grand Champion Show Winner 2014 Teacher



ABC CAKE DECORATING Part 2 Advanced Royal Icing Techniques (NACC)

Sugar Modelling the ABC CAKE DECORATING Way (NACC)

Sugar Floral Art for CAKE DECORATING (NACC)

Death by Chocolate (NACC)

Visually stunning edible Sugar Art by International accredited teachers.

Cake Decoration Sugar Art Chef Gill Pope
Gill Pope

'South Africa'

Gill is an executive chef who trained at Varenne in Paris.

Specializing in all types of patisserie and sugar art work, Gill has successfully completed her sugar art medium teaching exams and judges training. Gill teaches and produces professionally designed and baked cakes in Johannesburg, South Africa. Gill specializes in made to order designer wedding cakes. Her tuition is a block class format, one Saturday and Sunday every month.

Sugar Art Cake Decorating with Poinceanna Flamboyant Flowers

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Inform: Wonderful Women NetworkLearn to decorate these biscuits in the ABC way.

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Chocolate Tower Sugar Art Cake




Sugar Art Creations Very Own Cake Decorating Floral Art Book

Our Sugar Art Floral Art book is now available.

Helen Dissell - Caramel cake with citrus butter & honey mead2 New Barco colours available in mother of pearl tones. Sugar Art Creations Barco powder colours are Kosher and Halal approved.Ribbon Embroidery Bass Relief Sugar Art

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Briar roses and three tier chocolate and vanilla cake - January 2014

Sugar Art Classes Queensland

The Passion & Perfection of Cake Decoration & Sugar Art Creations

Sugar Art Cake Decoration Australia

Perfection and excellence is the name of the game both in visual appeal, creative styles and culinary delights. Having won International Sugar Art Awards and being an Accredited Award Winning Teacher and International Judge.

Helen loves training enthusiastic students for their National Certificates in Sugar Art, Sugar Paste, Pastilage, Royal Icing, Chocolate, Petit Fours and Patisserie.

Cake Decorating Orchid SprayRose Flower Shoe - Adelaide Nov. 2013

Rosé Flower Shoe done in Adelaide November 2013

Pam wrote: " Tylose comes in lots of different strengths - the best value for money - ie BEST quality for its price is from Helen Dissell - shop online at SugarArtCreations scroll to end of colours! PS - her Barco colours are FANTASTIC too... can be used to colour fondant, dust flowers etc - break down with cornflour for lighter colours.... you have been warned - you WILL spend money there LOL"

Student comments.. Absolutely brilliant. Pushed at times, but so worth it. Thanks for..... Would like to thank Helen for all the things I have learnt over the last 6 weeks ... ''we hope that you have now managed to recover from your hectic schedule in October'' ..read more

Cake Decorating Sugar Art - Christmas Sprekelia & Bauble arrangement in Santa SleighChristmas Sprekelia & Bauble arrangement in Santa Sleigh.

Hi Helen, the book arrived yesterday and it was definitely worth the wait. A stunning book which will be up there in my prized collection. The work is exactly what I am into and I think it has been beautifully photographed and written ..read more

Cake Decorating example showing Delightful Chocolate Head Sugar Art

Helen is a qualified teacher specializing in creating sugar art and chocolate and has over a decade of experience creating and teaching sugar art cake decorating in Australia and South Africa. Having successfully completed her judges qualification in sugar art Helen is currently teaching and holding workshops and demonstrations in the different skills and mediums of sugar art cake decoration on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia. This includes basic intermediate and advanced classes in cake decorating with sugar work available on NACC courses in  Queensland and privately at Hope Island Resort.Cake Decorating Piped Work by Helen Dissell

Cake Decorating AustraliaCake Decorating with Bouquet of Flowers
Sugar Art Creations PTY LTD supply all the cutters,
colour powders and equipment you need to produce all your own beautiful sugar art.

Helen and Gill have extensive competition experience and have achieved recognised international exposure for their Sugar Art Creations. We keep up to date with new and emerging international standards and trends whilst striving for constant self improvement and are both extremely passionate about what we do. So if you are interested in creating your own Sugar Art cake decorations and designs please contact us here.

Cake Decorating with Chocolate Bow made from Sugar ArtChocolate Bow Cake - Sugar Art 2012

We are active members of the Australian Cake Decorators Association, South African Cake Decorators Guild and representatives for South Africa in Australia. We are also members of the Canadian Sugar Artistry (CSSA) and the British Sugar Craft Guild.

Quirky cake with duck orchids, vanilla pods, Eucharis lillies & funky foliage by Helen sept 2014

Quirky cake with duck orchids, vanilla pods, Eucharis lillies and funky foliage by Helen September 2014

All photographs of cakes and cake decorations shown on this site are hand made and edible, they are all original designs and unique styles from Sugar Art Creations and demonstrate the standards produced in our cake decorating classes and workshops.Cake Decoration with fruit that looks good enough to eat.

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