Helen’s Tips

Mixing Colours


Blend colours with corn flour or rice flour to break down the concentration of colour.

Mix correct colour match on a double white tissue and then do a swatch test on a piece of paste before applying to the finished product.

Black powder must be mixed to a liquid with a small amount of liquid to achieve true black and then added to the paste.

To colour paste dip paste in liquid, put a little petal based on your finger and then dip paste in powder colour. Work the powder colour into a small area to form a paste and then work it through the whole piece .

If paste becomes hard when colour is added to it, soften the paste by mixing a little egg white through it.

Colour Combinations

  • Australian Flag Blue = blue, rose pink and Barney
  • Deep Violet = Violet and Rubine add a little Ponceau red
  • Blackcurrant = rose and Barney mix to shade required
  • Orchid Green = 1/3 emerald, 2/3 lemon, hint of pearl and corn four
  • Khaki Green = lime green and a hint of brown
  • Flesh for Modelling People = flesh a little pale pink and a little peach
  • Buttercup Yellow = 1/3 yellow and 2/3 lemon mixed with corn four
  • Tinkerbelle Pink = pale pink and lilac
  • Rust = brown, orange and a hint of yellow
  • Old Fashioned Gold = equal quantities gold and silver
  • Old Fashioned Rose + Rubine, pale pink and corn flour
  • Champagne = gold, lemon, flesh and corn flour
  • Teal Blue = lemon and turquoise