Hi Helen ...

if any of your ABC students ever question what they’re learning please tell them that for me every single technique has been absolutely invaluable!!!

I’m up to a cake a week now but I have to share last week’s with you because it is a SQUARE cake!! (I can’t believe that I used to get so freaked out at the thought of covering a square cake!), I used the glass stamping technique for the fence, the piped grass around the base, flood work for the butterflies and my writing is getting so much better!!! Loving it!!! Again, thank you so much.

Helen A. 😛 

Hi Helen,

Between 3 of us we ate half the cake last night We could not stop at only one piece. The chocolate was 'melt in your mouth divine' and the cake was delicious. I cannot wait to try it out at home. The chocolate course was fantastic, I loved it and could not take the smile off my face all the way home. Now I am wondering what I can do next...

Thank you for a great day.

Jen xx  

Hi Helen

Thank you ever so much for the most delicious fruit cake we have ever tasted.

The design and style we wanted was simple and sophisticated and that is what we got, all of our family and friends admired your creation.

We have frozen the top layer for our first child or 1st anniversary (whichever comes first) and will relish in the taste and experience of your cake again. Perfection!! We have attached a photo for your interest!

Kind Regards, Cherie (Ballard) & Tyler Gilbert

Hi Helen
Hallo Helen, I do not have words to describe how impressed I am with that orchid! You are so good! I now have a new found respect for how skilled you are! Have a lovely day, Sandra - 15 May 2014

Helen, I loved every minute of it. It was quite tough and challenging in some areas but in the end to see what I achieved in doing was very rewarding – Momi - August 2013

Hi Helen,

Here is a picture that I took last night. I think that we all did well. Thanks again for being such a great teacher.

I value and appreciate you for your standards in making sugar flowers and your knowledge and wisdom in doing this.

Cheers.. Michelle Vudrag


Hi Helen,

I would just like to thank you for your great demo last week. In fact the whole day was great.

I learnt heaps so it shows you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks again,

Regards Kerrie,

Sydney, Australia - April


Hi Helen,
Finished the sugar modelling course at Gold Coast TAFE yesterday and these are my finished products. Many thanks to our fabulous teacher Helen Dissell who makes everything look easy when she demonstrates how to do it and inspires us to carry on even when we make mistakes.
Carol- April 2014

Helen Dissell is an amazing teacher as well any class is so worthwhile. Lara Flanagan FB Cake by Lara - June 2012[

Helen you are an absolute star doing what you did, everyone loved your demo. Oct. 2012, Canada Toronto Classes

Hi Helen,

Thank you so much for everything, I'm looking forward to practicing and getting better with my beginners skills. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and having the patience of an angel. You are a wonderful teacher.

Sebby May 2015star

Hi Helen, Thank you for teaching us!

Learning the correct technique is really important- and that's exactly what we get from your teaching. Now it's practice, practice, practice!!!

Mx - May 2015


Hi Helen,

I just wanted to pass on to you how impressed our dinner guests were when they saw the chocolate cake we had made in class.

They couldn't believe we actually made all the decorations ourselves and even took photos of it.

The cake was a real hit and tasted divine.

Thanks once again it's great to learn some new skills, and hopefully I will be there for the next ABC class.

Cheers for now Mike. nice



My Cake was amazing! and it made me cry. I am sorry it has taken so long to say thank you. It honestly was everything I could have dreamed of. Everyone loved it.

Mostly Myself. It also tasted sooo great. It will a big part of my 21st that I will always remember. I had never seen a cake so perfect. The detail and time you have put into it is amazing and I can't explain how much I do appreciate it. I owe you big big big time.

You both are so beautiful. Thank you so much.

Lots of love... Shannon, Southport Park, QLD - 3rd March 2009


Great class. A bit rushed but we got through it. Helen is very patient & explains things well. Will definitely be taking another of her classes. Michelle - Dec. 2013
ABC Sugar Art BiscuitsLearn to decorate these biscuits in the ABC way.
Absolutely brilliant. Pushed at times, but so worth it. Thanks for all your hard work this year. Nancy and I look forward to working with you again in the new year. Have a happy Christmas and New Year. Jessica - Dec. 2013
Hi Helen, firstly I have to thank you for giving me the passion for cake decorating as I was able to get these two beauties to sit down and roll our fondant and make decorations, then to decorate cupcakes and biscuits, it was such a great time of sharing. Shane - (Golf Coast) 2013
Would like to thank Helen for all the things I have learnt over the last 6 weeks, and not only in class, but being able to email her whenever so I could find more things out that I was wanting to know. - Lisa - August 2013