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Gelatine Balloons – Tips and Ideas

  • Gelatine Balloons can be done in a similar way for chocolate balloons using well tempered chocolate.  

  • Cut out paste decorations and decorate according to the season. Snowflakes look awesome on them especially blue ones.  

  • Cornelli piping on the gelatine balloons is great. 

  • Copper lustre gives a galaxy look when only partially mixed in 

  • Diamond crystals can be sprinkled on the top to achieve a funky fashionable style and can be scattered in any design. 

  • Smaller balloons can be used as a necklace or to frame a central focal point. 

  • Childrens party ideas Hot air balloons and more………… 


  • Good quality balloons- Qualitex only available from party shops- smaller balloons are better for cake decorating. 

  • Gelatine Balloon cups Gelatine Balloon sticks  

  • Petal base Strong Balloon cups and sticks 

  • Gelatine 

  • Water  

  • Powder colours 

  • Oasis and a shoe box 

  • A touch of patience! 


  • Mix 2 quantities of water to one quantity gelatine. Let sponge in cold water and then heat in microwave till clear. Remove scum with a spoon. 

  • Blend in colour being careful not to create too many air bubbles. Blow up balloons to appropriate size and attach to balloon cup and stick. 

  • Coat with petal base sparingly, too much will prevent the gelatine from sticking well and leave void patches.  

  • Leave the gelatine mixture to cool to slightly below body temperature. Approx 32C is optimum. 

  • Spin the balloons in a sideways swooping movement evenly and coat well. Do not overcoat too much as this will cause a rubbery finish and prevent quick drying. 

  • Once coated immediately hold upright at a right angle to dry until it is hard. This may take a good couple of hours or even overnight. It all depends on humidity.  

  • Once dry, deflate the balloon by untwisting the balloon. It will leave the gelatine ball behind. 

  • Pearl and copper lustre dust has a wonderful effect mixed in with other colours.  

  • Trim the uneven edges when dry and attach to the cake using gelatine nearly set or royal icing. 

These balloons can be decorated using royal icing designs and basic royal icing principals. 

Balloons can be used upside down to create a vase effect or even a pot plant container. Let your imagination run  wild. 

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