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  • Helen Dissell


Mexican paste is used for architectural work and making of plaques, ribbons, clothes and many more applications similar. It dries hard quickly and is brittle and therefore not suitable for use in flower making.


Measure your icing sugar on a scale as a cup measurement does not weigh 250g and the paste will be very soft and sticky if accurate measurements are not taken.


  • 250g icing sugar mix

  • 15ml tylose C1000P superior grade(Tylopur) 

  • 5ml liquid glucose 

  • 30ml cold water 

  • vegetable fat or petal mousse enough for paste not to stick to hands 


Mix the tylose and icing sugar together and add liquid glucose and water. 

Put petal base on hands and work into the icing sugar mixture. Knead well .  

Place in a sealed plastic bag within a non porous container in the fridge. 

Leave for 24 hrs to get best results.  

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